Posted by: realengr | April 21, 2008

Still not making bikes…….

Well, that’s not exactly true.  We are doing some metal work and hope to have bikes in 4 weeks.  We are on the cusp of being a real bike manufacturer.  So frustrating.  The bike biz is an effective way to bleed red ink.



  1. Which would be about now?

  2. Yep. Not a bike one right now. The seats are being welded and the seat webbing is being sewn. It seems there is always something coming up. I had the welder stop for a solid week while he worked out in his mind whether he would have to carry liability insurance for the frames he welded. Sheesh! The good news: We are very close. Chainstays are being welded and machined and we should see frame #1 done by June 9, ready for powdercoat. So it looks like we are at Mid June for ship of the first 5 bikes with 5 more to follow each week after.

  3. Have you checked with RANS to see if perhaps they’d entertian some contract manufacturing?

  4. We have had some conversations with Randy and actually are going to get back to him on some items like stems, etc. Actually things are going pretty well right now. We are pre-welding all the dropouts to chainstays and our seats are looking real good. The framewelder we have does a beautiful job and we are going to have no problem meeting or exceeding the quality level these bikes had when Burley was making them.

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