Posted by: realengr | May 29, 2008

The Immorality of Equality

Have you ever noticed how everyone is upset over inequality? Liberals always talk about how people should be equal. It’s as if ‘Equality’ is the ultimate morality.

But is it really moral to be equal? If I have more natural talent than someone, is it so bad to use that to be …..better? Remember the Disney movie ‘The Incredibles’? The super fast kid was told he could not use his talent. And remember what the villain said? ” When everyone is super… one will be”. There’s a point to be made.

Without inequality, there would be no people to drive innovation. No rich people to buy the boats and other things that drive industry to provide jobs for others. These jobs provide upward mobility and wealth…to those that work for it. For those that don’t work…well….they just are not equal are they?

All men are created equal. But they don’t stay that way. And when you think about it….some people may be born unequal too.

People who talk about these things wishing everyone is equal are just living in a fantasy land. Accept that people are not equal and then do something about moving yourself along that spectrum.



  1. AFAIK when pols talk about equality, they mean equal opportunity and equality before the law, not that everyone should be the same.

  2. Unfortunately John, the masses educated in public schools do not perceive it that way. What I see and what I think the pols really want people to believe is that somehow people really will be made equal economically. What I see and hear from others is that class warfare rhetoric. For the most part, there is equal opportunity and equality before the law here in this country. I think the pols want to create the perception of a problem so that they can present themselves as the answer for that problem.

  3. Great post Realengr.

    The ‘solution’ that is and has been pushed by the progressives is Entitlements. Basically, this states that someone who has greater need, is entitled to some of my production, in the form of money extracted from me in the form of taxes. This is cannibalistic. Those in need consume those who produce. Productivity is punished, while sloth is rewarded.

    Environmentalism follows a similar tack for the destruction of man. In this case though, they put the interests of the inanimate Earth ahead of people instead of putting ‘needy’ people ahead of productive people. They want humanity to have no impact on the Earth. However, the only way to really achieve this is for humanity to cease to exist.

    Personally, I choose life. A productive life that enriches those whom I deal with rather than sucking the life out of them.

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