Posted by: realengr | May 30, 2008

I want an EcoMobile

What a cool machine. These tandem seated, fully enclosed motorcycles are my dream commuting machine. I’ve been coveting some high speed, nimble, super energy efficient machine and have been toying with ideas for a feet-forward motorcycle with enclosure.

But……what is wrong with these people on the pricing. Wow. Every one of these high efficiency machines cost as much as a small house.

Hello guys!!!! Engineering entails making a practical and cost effective solution. The discussion on BROL on these motorized recumbents has some cool machines but they cost an arm and two legs. One is even a million dollars!!

Maybe after I get these bikes going I should look at making an economical vehicle that does these things.

Well…..after I make my first million in the bike biz I will get an Ecomobile.



  1. Actually you will be the second to get an Ecomobile…as I know you want me to have one first. Since my happiness is paramount .(wink)

  2. I believe you could get one of these for about half the price of that Ecomobile, also two seater and electric/hybrid, but much better looking IMHO.

    Closer to possible at one tenth the price is this, though still out of range for me.

    Though this is what I am working towards.

  3. Actually Dragon, the AeroRider runs about $9,760 and the Venture E50 Hybrid runs about $18,000. So the electric assist velomobile costs about 54% of the cost of a really cool hybrid that gets 120mpg and seats 2 plus cargo.

    It makes much more sense to get the Venture. Aerorider may want to consider dropping the cost of its product. Aerorider are not interested in producing the units over here unless one gives them a huge ($100k) licensing fee. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot unless they drop the cost of the product or drop the cost of the licensing fee. I think a royalty arrangement would be more amenable for manufacture in the U.S.

    I’m saving my bucks for a Venture since it is a more affordable option. Also, I think that when the Venture and Aptera come out, it will drive down the cost of all Cabin Cycles like the Ecomobile and Monotracer.

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