Posted by: realengr | May 30, 2008


Well, I see a serious drain on the treasury of the great state of Texas. The Texas CPS is known around the country as the most abusive of parental rights. This total disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law is now coming back on them. I think you will see these FLDS church members become incredibly rich after this.

And now that the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the law was not being followed it opens up the door for a Title 5 action against the CPS workers in their personal capacity. Wow. Some poor CPS sap with his social worker degree making about $18k annual is about to be sued into oblivion.
I don’t like these people. I had my own run in years ago. When my son Ben was only a couple months old we noticed he was not gaining weight. I told my wife to take him down to public health for his vaccinations and then to make a doctor appointment to get him checked out. At public health they noted his poor weight and made my wife make an appointment right then and there. Later, she called and postponed the appointment for later in the evening so I could go with her.

When public health called later in the day to follow up, they were told we had ‘cancelled’ the appointment. Lo and behold I arrive home to a police officer and social worker from CPS at my door. How embarassing. They demanded I let them in my house. Being the naive young man I was I complied. Then I was told why they were there. At this, I cut loose on the social worker and berated her for her department’s incompetence and for embarrassing me in front of the neighbors. The police officer apologized and they scurried out.


More harm is done to children by CPS systems nationwide than by the evil, abusive parents they are supposed to be protecting the kids from.

Next to IRS agents, there is no more despicable form of pond scum than a CPS agent.



  1. Very accurate post. My wife and I personally know a woman who works for CPS and loves the fact she can ride roughshod over INNOCENT parents. Goes out of her way to ruin lives. Way too many of this kind of person in these kinds of jobs.


  2. Bill, you wouldn’t believe what CPS tried to do to my family 31 years ago. My 2nd son had brain surgery because a MD mis-diagnosed a head injury. The SOB turned us in to them because he canceled his malpractice insurance and was afraid of being sued.

    The only reason we didn’t sue him was because the accident happened at my Mother’s house and she didn’t tell us about it.

    Our Attorney said the only way to get them out of our lives was to send them a 48 hour advance notice of a a very public press conference. He was right. They couldn’t wait to get out of our lives before it went public…

    Truth is, in retrospect I think this impacted my Mother as much as it did us. For years we were afraid to punish our 5 children when they mis-behaved…

    My Mom died of Pancreatic Cancer a few weeks ago. Our 3rd Son just told us that last December She told him she treated our children different than her other Grand-Children because of the guilt she has been carrying around for all these years.

    Her last words to me the day before she died were “I love you Rick.” I wish there was some way to go back to the conversation we had a week before that – and tell her we never blamed her…

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