Posted by: realengr | June 5, 2008

Chainstays are being welded!!!!!!! Seats are great!!!!!!!!

Well, we tested out our new seat and it is a great design.  Incredibly comfortable and easy to adjust.  We improved on the Burley seat by going to a mesh seat with a foam pad.  It is very plush.

We have retained the Burley mounting system but added stiffness into the bottom seat blades.  the blades do not deform when you tighten the quick releases so the seat stays put where you tighten it but moves easily when you want to adjust it.  We have a spring between the sliders that makes it easier to move the seat off and on the bike.  All in all, a great success. We are moving on to produce production seats.  In the meantime our first batch of chainstays will be done by mid next week. After that we should have production frames coming off the fixtures within two days.

We are excited that our designs are being verified.  It’s a very satisfying feeling to see your designs come to life and react in the way they are designed to react.  All in all, a real classy, quality product.



  1. Sounds good! What bikes (names) are you building? SWB? LWb?


  2. We are building the Koosah LWB first. The Django SWB will follow in about a month after that. Then we will be mixing it up a little. We don’t plan on introducing the Jett Creek and Hepcat until we get our production line ironed out.

    Titanium version coming later……

  3. Great news! Thanks for providing the updates. We look forward to riding your bikes.
    -Mandy and Ryan

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