Posted by: realengr | June 17, 2008

Father’s Day

I enjoyed spending Father’s Day with my sons and family. We had a great time at a picnic and played father/son games etc.

I fought hard in family court to get split custody of my boys and value every minute I spend with them. So it breaks my heart to see boys who have fathers that don’t care or when i hear of abusive fathers. I was in shock to hear of the man who beat his toddler to death just today and also there is a story from the Carolinas about a father who tied his boy to a tree for 18 hours as a disciplinary measure. The boy died. A 13 yo boy. What the hell???? They have a name for tying someone to a tree for 18 hours: Crucifixion. I just can’t imagine the horror of being tied to a tree in the summer heat for 18 hours. I just don’t understand.

I’m obviously venting. We can go on and on about punishment for these parents but that will not bring that little boy back. The parents are up for 1st degree murder and felony child abuse.

Fathers are here to protect children and nurture them. They are supposed to be their protectors, not their abusers.

I’m going camping with my boys this weekend. Maybe we will do some fishing too.


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