Posted by: realengr | June 17, 2008

Frame Welding, Seat Machining

Well, more progress……

Chainstays are done and we start main frame welding tomorrow night.  That means when the chainstays get back from heat treat we will be finishing up a couple production frames per day.  What does that mean?  It means we do braze ons and post weld alignment by the 29th.  Nope, it looks like we won’t meet our end of June date.  But it does mean we will be powdercoating and assembling first week of July.  Then we ship.  Looking good.

Seats are rolling along, but more from a machining standpoint.  My machinist/welder is back at it and I see seats being ready about the same time our frames are so our project plan is going pretty good.

Our new chainkeeper design is so simple and elegant, I am surprised that no one thought of it years ago.  You will see that later…..

I am constantly amazed at the elegance of design that Burley put into their bikes.  They did things on the cheap, but they did it without sacrificing quality. We aim to follow in their footsteps by making our bikes as inexpensively as possible while maintaining a very high degree of quality.

Lots of design to do…. We have to release the H frame for our friends at ‘WithinReach’ for their sociable quad we are building out of two of our frames.   We have to turn idler mounts but that’s not a big deal.

Well, more changes on the way……..



  1. Great news Bill. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    We’re so excited to test these bikes out on the road next month!
    -Mandy and Ryan

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