Posted by: realengr | June 28, 2008

The Flu Hits…..Recumbent slowdown….

I’ve been down with the flu all week. Since I am the only one that can drive this pre-production phase, I’ve lost  few days on certain facets of the project.
However, I started several key phases before being taken down by a pack of viruses lodged in my intestines.

  • Looks like our frame welder has been busy and has welded 7 frame subassemblies.
  • I have not checked with our chainstay machining people but by now they should be done.  So final frame welding should commence Monday.  Yes, we are a week behind…..
  • My seat welder is pre-welding seat subassemblies.  I have to check on his progress this week.  He is supposed to make the final frame notching fixture and then we are set to finish the seats.  Since I already have more demand on seats than I can meet, we are going to weld up all 20 that we have parts for.
  • Our CFO finalized our deal with Burley for their extrusion dies so we are set to get new seat parts made.  We have seat parts for about 50 bikes but after that we were toast.  With this acquisition we can now produce the seat rails, sliders, and plastic sliders for the seat system.
  • Our frame labels for EDGE recumbents are in.

I’m really excited about the quality of our welding.  The guy we have welding our frames has done such a good job that at this point we don’t even need any post-weld alignment.  Even Burley could not say that….

Until next time.


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