Posted by: realengr | August 7, 2008

Be Seated!!!

Sorry about the hiatus. We have been very busy. We had our seats at one vendor for weeks and nothing was done so we had to pull the work. Nothing wrong with the guy, just too busy right now. We have placed our seat fabrication with a local machine shop that is also going to be doing our seat notching. A-Mazing. In just a day we had a new welding fixture that maintains all the critical dimensions. Their engineer is familiar with welded tubing fabrication and was able to devise a method to notch and install each set of lateral supports in about 8 minutes per seat. By Friday we will have 20 seats ready for powder coat. I also picked up our first frames. They do not even need cold-setting. I can’t believe it. The welder we have for our bikes is a welding genius. We knew his reputation for welding race cars without needing any post weld alignment but we had to see it for ourselves.

We have spent a lot of time developing fixtures to ensure accurate placement of braze ons and idler mounts. I have stopped putting out dates for completion as it seems there is always something coming up. I can safely say that our metalworking for the first batch of bikes is drawing to a completion. I’m turning most of my attention to soft goods stuff like getting the seat meshes done. In addition the alignment table is done. We can ensure that our bikes are straight to the same high standards that the previous owner of the designs was able to attain.

I’m very happy with the quality level of what we are producing. That has been in some part responsible for the delays. We have really held our vendors to a high quality standard and it will pay off.

I’ll try to post some relevant pictures next week since we anticipate having bike 0001 powder coated and assembled next week sometime.



  1. How is the bike coming?

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