Posted by: realengr | September 21, 2008

OK. Bike One

After all this time, Bike 0001 is done.  We reviewed this thoroughly so we could be sure of what we do to finish the remaining bikes.

Since some of you have wondered if we fell off the world, I thought I would update you all.

Naturally I am disappointed it took this long.  We basically ran out of money earlier in the year and were stalled for almost 6 weeks while we looked for new funding.  And then we found out that many of the fixtures we needed to finish the bikes had been disposed of or had to be redesigned and rebuilt.  Along with picking somewhat undependable vendors at first, it just added up to week after week of delay.

So….The bike looks great, rides great.  The seat frame is great, and we are going to do some slight redesign on the webbing this week and turn loose our new seamstress.  She is a master seamstress and has already designed about 40% of the extraneous sewing out of it.

This week, we are building a head tube alignment tool and then aligning and brazing the remaining frames.  We are now ready to take orders.  I’m going to send some press release pics to the usual outlets this week if our CFO approves and may post some pics here on the blog.

Our brazing guy had to leave for Galveston because he is a catastrophe adjuster.  Because of that, we are just going to do the brazing ourselves this week.  No worries, I’ve done enough of it myself.

So, there you go.  We should hit powder coating soon.



  1. Great!
    I contacted you a couple of months ago through RRI and expressed my interest in the project. I have been extremely busy in my new job; traveling to Europe and Mexico so have not been able to get back to you but have been waiting to hear more about the new brand since then.

    So, you not only finished bike 0001, but you posted the news about it on my birthday. This might be a sign.

    Just yesterday I posted my preferences for a SWB bent like a Burley on RRI and HB replied she knew where I might find a new slightly used one. Something about she had connections, .

    Just kinda put 2 and 2 together and assume that might be you.

    I’d love to see pictures.

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