Posted by: realengr | February 17, 2009

We are shipping!!!!!!!!

Our CFO doesn’t want us to make any press releases, but as of this week we are shipping. Our first bike goes out this week to a large recumbent dealer in the Northeast with other bikes going out through the week. By next week we should have no other bikes left except for three bikes that had some blems in the powdercoat. Those are being sold locally and we hope those will be gone by end of next week.

So, where do we go from here? We are already getting ready to make our next 25 bikes and have some of the parts already pre-fabricated. I’m cleaning up drawings and getting new quotes. This manufacturing cycle should go pretty fast since we now have all the bugs worked out down to how we pack and ship. Official press release will have to wait until after we get feedback from dealers on our bikes. We are not going to steal Bryan’s thunder so no details now, other than that: We have our first batch of bikes done and in boxes and shipping out.  However, we have placed a pic of one of our bikes  here for your perusal. No harm in that.

The New Edge Koosah

The New Edge Koosah



  1. Hi Bill,
    The koosah looks great.And with the modified seat frame Im sure it will be a hit.I have a Django and am looking to replace my seat and frame with one of yours.Are they or will they be available for purchase?


  2. Bikes are for sale. And seats are for sale also. We have some extra seats that are for sale. They will retrofit right onto the Burley bikes without modification. Burley seat struts will not work with our seats, but we are working on an easy to use adaptor so that people can use the Burley struts with our seats. Drop us a line at

  3. The seat looks like a major improvement over the Burley seat. Will you be selling seat adaptor kits to mount these seats on the front and rear of a Double Vision? Also adaptor kits for RANS bikes? If so what are the prices and how much does the seat with mounts weigh?

  4. We will be making adaptor kits for many, many bikes. The Double Vision is one that we want to do since the seat lends itself to it so well. We already have an adaptor for Volae seats and RANS will follow. I think RANS is bringing out their own version of a seat like this though. I know Randy was working on a seat with Rolf at Volae that was based on the Vision seat. Truth be told, if Volae had a self supporting version of their seat, we probably would have just bought their seat and we may have them build one for us in the future, but we didn’t feel we had the street cred to approach them on that until later. We like the Vision/Volae seat so much that is why we have also made our bike adaptable to it. We hope Rolf can make some money on that and the struts (which you have to get from Volae).
    The challenge of making a self supporting seat is pretty significant because you have a lot of forces acting in different directions and metallurgy gets real important. I’m pretty happy that we were able to get the seat one pound lighter than a Burley seat yet make it out of chromoly. It actually ended up stronger than the Burley seat by the time we were done. I’ll get you the weight on the seat later Zach. I’m going to the shop tonight. Seats are $239.50 without QRs and sliders. Add another $20 if you want new sliders and QRs.


  5. Bill, I think the RANS seat you are referring to is their new Sling Mesh seat which comes standard on the F5 Enduro. The Sling Mesh seat has been available for a couple months and I have several hundred kilometres on one. It is the most comfortable RANS seat I’ve ever ridden and about 1 kg lighter than the standard RANS seat. The base is a sling style with a horn in front like the Vision seat but it has a lumbar curve and also gets more vertical near the top. The seat frame is fairly small diameter CrMo and it is not self-supporting, needs the RANS seat struts. The RANS Sling Mesh works great with their high BB bikes like the F5 and front seat of the Seavo but the fairly open angle between the base and back and the way it gets more vertical towards the top of the seat back makes it poorly suited to their low BB bikes. So I was thinking the seat you are making for the Koosah might might be a good candidate for the RANS low BB bikes like the Stratus and stoker position on their tandems. Ideally there would be a way of clamping bar end hand grips to your seat to use in the stoker position of the Double Vision, Screamer and Seavo. BTW, your seat prices are very reasonable. Other brands are in the $275 – $450 range.

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