Posted by: realengr | March 13, 2009

Selling Out……

Burley Strut Installation

Burley Strut Installation

…of bikes and seats that is.

A couple of news notes:

1)  You can now use your Burley struts with an Edge Seat.  Just reduce the length on the top part by 4 holes, off the bottom part by 10 holes and attach to the seat lateral brace just on the inside of the strut tabs.  Works great.  No adaptor needed

2)  EDGE recumbents are now available at the following dealers:

  • BicycleMan in Alfred Station, NY
  • K&G Bikes in Dayton, OH
  • Mt. Airy Bicycles in  Mt. Airy, MD (see our bike at the Demo Day on March 22)
  • Greenlee’s Bicycles in Knoxville, TN
  • Easy Chair Recumbents in Signal Mountain, TN

3)  We only have a few bikes left so if you are a dealer and want one, get it now.  I anticipate they will all be gone within 2 weeks.  It will be at around 4 weeks before we ship again

4) Aftermarket seats went fast.  I’ve only got 3 left.  New seats will be in by early April if we get any more interest.  We have those in various states of completion.

5)  Don’t forget….if you want to use a Volae seat, Volae struts, or even a Volae hardshell seat, they all fit on our bikes.  If you order from a dealer and want these options, we can supply that.  There is a change in price for the Volae seat system.

6)  We re-weighed our bikes and they are 1# lighter than the Burley Koosah.  That makes the overall weight come in at 37# not 34-1/2#.  We are updating the website

7)  Our new website will be going live in the next couple weeks with dealer section, shopping cart, etc.

8)  We will take credit card orders within a few weeks.  We are setting up the merchant account now.


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