Posted by: realengr | March 31, 2009

Quality is Job 1

We’ve got our bikes in dealers now and we have received some nice feedback.
First of all, whenever you design something, even if it is tested locally, you may not get honest feedback. Dealers can be brutal and so it was refreshing to hear that we have done well with our design. There are issues that we fell short on (manuals not shipping with bikes…we have that rectified now) and we have some design suggestions from the dealers. However, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality, design, and price point. The seat seems to be a winner with the comfort rating right up there with the big boys in the industry. We had a limited first run so only have the bikes at a few select dealers. We are making more and some of these will go for re-orders already at these dealers. If you want to be a dealer, you may want to get an order in now, because we already have about a third of the next lot spoken for.



  1. I have to say to call that bike your design is the biggest ripoff to burly that I have seen.

    How about something original from a real engineer?

    • Brian,

      It’s not a ripoff. It is essentially the same Burley design. Not sure if you have read other posts but we did buy all of the tooling, etc. including much of the design data. There are two ways to do this: Design your own and spend $100,000 tooling up or buy another company’s property and spend very little. You are joking, right? We did this because we like the Burley designs and there was a general outcry from the industry bemoaning the demise of Burley’s line. We like to think we were doing something rather idealistic by taking a risk to continue this design’s presence in the industry and keeping an American made recumbent here in America. Now…as to ripoffs….seen a chinese made Bellandare lately???? That’s a copy of the Koosah for sure and the frames are made in China. I’m not sure what you are criticizing me for. Believe me, we have some pretty innovative things on the drawing board, but the basic design LWB and SWB former Burley designs are our basic line.

      By the way, nice woodworking on your site. Very beautiful.


  2. Hi Bill. I am needing some parts for my Burley and since you were kind to help me before I was hoping you’d help me again. I have managed to nearly break my seat sliders that connect my seat to the rail. Email me please when you get a chance. I am hoping your new Django comes in the pretty blue of the Koosah.

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