Posted by: realengr | October 23, 2009

The Long and Short of It: What’s going on at EDGE Recumbents…..

Well, it seems we have dropped off the face of the earth for a few months. We had some momentous things happen to us that have set us back a couple months. Rest assured, we are still supporting dealers and still backing our bikes, but personal events and some unforeseen circumstances have stopped production during the summer. I have been dealing with family matters over the summer. We also had a partner leave and our manufacturing suppliers had distractions and shut downs due to the economy. This has forced us into a new direction that has actually made us into a stronger, more viable company with more flexibility. We have a new manufacturing partner that is enabling us to cut our costs, decrease cycle time to market, and is going to give us the ability to do real marketing for our dealers, including some possible TV/Media spots.   One big benefit: The ability to bring several new models into the market. We know that the overall recumbent season is dropping off, but the market is still there, so we have resumed building since we are back on our feet with new enthusiasm and resources. We have Koosah and Jett Creek long wheel bases in process as well as a couple Djangos and Hepcats.   And there are a couple of surprises coming this winter that we are so excited about,…… well…’ll have to see. Keep watching the new website and dealers: you will be getting new marketing materials soon.

The site is being revised with actual content.  That ‘under construction’ moniker is annoying.  The got-bent site has been totally redone and the webmaster is adding more content.

We also are negotiating a deal with a major sporting goods chain which will give us a good monthly sales volume. This will enable us to have sufficient cash flow to put more money into marketing for our dealers and to expand our dealer network.

Well, we are still here and welcome inquiries.




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