Recumbent Bikes and Political Commentary. What a mix….. Click here to find out about me!!!!

Hi. I’m Bill and this is my blog. I’ll be covering all sorts of things…..recumbent bikes, my family, politics, history, religion, and how I feel about being a young man trapped in an aging body……….

This blog will be talking about my new business which is making recumbent bicyles. We bought Burley Designs’ recumbent business and are changing some things on the bikes, but keeping some things the same. What an insane adventure.

From time to time, I may say some things that are incredibly incendiary. Mainly because I am meticulously logical, great at debate and spotting logical fallacies, and I thrive on controversy. I may comment on things like race relations, the role of government, personal responsibility and so on. This should be interesting because I am rabidly libertarian in my political views, am 1/8th Native American (hey, I’m technically a minority!) but that leaves me as a half German, part Scottish/British guy.  I belong to a minority Christian religious sect (Seventh-day Adventist), and am married to an very racially mixed woman. My wife is 1/8th black, 1/2 cherokee, 1/8 Creek, and the rest is Scotch-Irish and Russian. Most of my in-laws are black so many of my kids’ aunts and uncles are Native American and Black.

Like I said, it could be interesting….especially when we talk about race.



  1. Hi Bill,

    Do you have an idea when your bikes will be on the market? Are you calling them Burley or something else?


  2. Bill,

    You could be my brother. Aside from your religeous affiliation, it was like reading about myself. Weird!

    How’s this for ironic political commentary. My American born German Grandparents didn’t speak English until they left their home town in Nebraska. The whole town spoke German. Now, they complain about all the Mexican emigrants not speaking English. What’s up with that?

  3. Jeffy,

    Our project has continual delays, but despite that our partners are elated at our progress. We are really on track to ship bikes at end of month of June.

    I feel pretty confident about that because our welders are firing on all cylinders now and our design looks pretty proven at this point. We are doing some final tweaking on seat sewing but by and large, things are looking very good.

    We are not Burley and as condition of getting certain intellectual property and information we are not to be associated with Burley. We have to grind or paint over any residual ‘Burley’ logos on anything we sell.

    However, we intend to have the same quality product as Burley and our parts so far are looking pretty fantastic. In fact, we have changed our welding process so there is even less post-weld alignment than Burley had to do. We weld our chainstays in several passes to ensure that no warpage occurs. Frames are done the same way with a cool down between different welds.

    We have done extensive FEA on the seats to ensure a quality, long lasting product.

    More later,


  4. Hi Bill,
    I am interested in your S Trike.
    Please tell me more about it or how I can call you.
    Rich Richardson

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